Sissinghurst Coromandel Lacquer Cabinet

On 9th November 2015 Tankerdale had a visit from Julie Chang down from UCL, to take some samples from the early 18th Century Coromandel Cabinet, which is currently being conserved in the workshop. We took high magnification images of the sample areas that will be used by Julie towards her PHD research on Coromandel Lacquer at UCL.

Samples were taken from the black lacquer, incised decoration and the foundation layer, which we hope will give further specifics in what makes up the lacquer.

For more information about Julie’s practice and research at UCL please see

Sissinghurst Coromandel Lacquer Cabinet

Mr Ed

January 12th, 2016

We received a rather sad looking rocking horse from National Trust property Tyntesfield.

He arrived with a broken rocker; we’re currently putting him back together and will be stabilizing the surface. We’ve named him Mr Ed for the time being!