Longleat II

November 28th, 2016


Team work! Lin and Sophie applying, feathering and blending the watercolour.


The team at Tankerdale have been working on the latest set of Longleat panels. The splits in the panel have been filled and the marquetry work repaired; now we are trying to restore colour back into the sun bleached wood. 

Firstly the old colour and polish is stripped from the panels to leave them bare. A watercolour mixture is then used; the “recipe” of which was formulated years ago at the workshop when the first set of panels were worked on. Using the same colour mixture ensures continuity throughout, with no or very little variation in the colour of the panels year to year. 

The watercolour is feathered and blended in seamlessly with the wood; this colour is then removed from the sections of the boxwood marquetry to give contrast to the different timbers. The colour is then sealed in with shellac polish leaving them with a deep, rich colour. All of the finished work will then be returned to Longleat on our annual trip to be reinstated back into the state rooms, where they can be fully appreciated once again. We will then dismantle the next set of doors and panels to be worked on at the workshop. 


Before and after treatment.

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