Mr Ed

January 12th, 2016

We received a rather sad looking rocking horse from National Trust property Tyntesfield.

He arrived with a broken rocker; we’re currently putting him back together and will be stabilizing the surface. We’ve named him Mr Ed for the time being!


2 Responses to “Mr Ed”

  1. Catherine M Says:

    Re the Tyntesfield horse, I was lucky enough to see him just after he had been pulled out of the cellar.
    I have a suspicion he may be a Leach rocking horse, circa 1880..he used to have bells around his neck, or did when he emerged.
    I hope you keep him as he appeared, and don’t tart him up-or give him a long mane and tail!
    He is beautiful.

    I collect rocking horses, and was shown the two at Tyntesfield,he is quite beautiful.

  2. Catherine M Says:

    Re the Leach..from what I remember, he had quite ”C” shaped fetlocks.. he has the Leachy look, but I may be wrong..F.H Ayres also carved horses around 1880 that were similar, would need to see the horse without the wrappings he had on him at the time..his tenon jointed legs had fallen away, as is their wont, which made him look lower to the ground than he should be, can’t wait to see him back at Tyntesfield again.

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